"We address womanly concerns.
The long-seller and best-seller that fits your lifestyle."

"Style Up" is a popular correctional innerwear brand since its break with the "pelvic girdle." We address women's concerns on appearance - which only increase with age - as we develop our products and increase our popularity through word of mouth and reviews. Our representative girdle series provides solid support around the pelvis and lifts the hip that tends to hang down without the wearer having to endure any type of discomfort. It does all of this as a thin garment that doesn't stand out when worn. The next generation correctional innerwear that allows women to achieve their desire for a beautiful body line.


"Good Design Award winner.
Functionality and comfort, all in one piece."

"The Airy Smooth Girdle from the Style Up series was launched in 2014. An innovative model that tightens the pelvis and meets the demand for shaping up the body through its materials and functionality. The stitch-free structure of three layers of knit fabric over a single mesh lining allows for further functionality. The design has also won acclaim for leaving the girdle structure visible on the outside.
2015 Good Design winner. This is a revolutionary design from the Style Up series familiarized the wider market with correctional girdles."


"For a healthy, wholly-natural you.
Innovation of innerwear."

AERA BLUE is a new brand that centers its theme around freedom as vast as the sea and endless comfort. Through our products, we strive to offer 24 hours of stress-free comfort and pursuit of fashion without any limitations from undergarments. We break the mentality that undergarments are something to "hide," and launch positive and liberating designs. Through its airy sensation and freedom, AERA BLUE continues to produce garments that bring back the thrill of youth for anyone who wears them.


Inner and Yoga Wear Perfect for Fitness and Daily Life

Shanti means peace, tranquility, bliss, calm, and prayer in Sanskrit. Bring your body and mind into alignment through yoga fitness. Our brand was developed to produce inner and yoga wear to make that time as pleasant and blissful as possible through natural fits and gentle textures on the skin. We pursue and create functional innerwear for fitness with professional instructors in the fitness industry. Featuring the shanti fitness bra that sold over 120,000 pieces, we continue to launch simple, functional, long-lasting, and timeless designs that are very reasonable.


Innerwear that hugs your body and mind at the most crucial moments.

The bridal innerwear brand chosen by around 20,000 brides every year. Its function as correctional innerwear and the hug-like comfort from its snug fit allow you to truly be in the moment for your special day. We sought to achieve the best texture and function to bring out your natural beauty. Our innerwear hugs the bride to eliminate all body insecurities on the most important day of her life. We bring out the bride's most beautiful figure. Our brand built its trusted reputation and sold more than 212,419 pieces since its launch in 2009 thanks to its unforgettably elegant and pure design.


Special innerwear that relaxes your body and mind for those who love HULA.

"HULA," the dance of your heart. We wanted to provide a special innerwear especially for those who love HULA with gratitude and prayers for all things . That's how "hugge HULA" was born. We sought out the best texture, comfort, and material for dancing. The innerwear was developed around a concept of being able to wear it while dancing hula. It doesn't slip off, it's easy to wear, and has high moisture absorbency so you can stay relaxed as you dance. This specialized innerwear frees every hula dancer, allowing them to be present in the moment and completely immerse themselves in the art.