Company Overview

Company Name
July 1979
April 1984
President Tadayoshi Fukuda
¥24 million (Group Total:¥189 million)
Consolidated Net Sales
¥6.5 billion (Group Total:¥20.9 billion)
Number of Employees
102 (Group Total:830)
Business Content
Apparel (innerwear, etc.), health foods, planning, manufacturing, and sales of beauty products
Our Products
Innerwear (foundation garments, lingerie, etc.), sports bras, and other related products
[Health Foods]
Health foods (designated health foods included)
[Beauty Products]
Cosmetics, beauty equipment

Group History

July 1979

ELLEROSE founded in Bunkyo, Fukui City

December 1992

Hana (Liquor World Hana) first store (flagship store) opened in Geba, Fukui City. Since then, several branches opened within Fukui Prefecture (currently 12 branches total).

April 1993

"Bara Center" founded in Maruokacho, Sakai City as a manufacturing and distribution base.

January 1997

Fukui Chrysler (present: CARNATION) headquarter established as an official Chrysler Japan (present: FCA Japan) dealer in Geba, Fukui City.

April 1998

Apple Logistics 、headquarters established in Maruoka, Sakai City.

January 1999

Fukui Chrysler (present: CARNATION) opened as a franchise of Gulliver, a secondhand car dealer. Since then, several Gulliver branches were opened in Fukui Prefecture and Ishikawa Prefecture.

March 2003

ELLEROSE R&D center founded in Saburomaru, Fukui City, equipped with body line scanners (3D body measuring devices).

March 2005

ELLEROSE and Fukui Prefecture collaborate, co-develop a patented technology that extracts the water-soluble dietary fiber "Shallot Fructan." (Patent for joint development with Fukui Prefecture obtained subsequently.)

March 2006

B-CRUISE Inc.  (present ELLEROSE)established to provide internet retail services.

August 2006

Keichoukai established to provide pre-school services and social welfare services for individuals with disabilities.

February 2007

Apple Logistics "Kiramekino Center," an integrated center that functions for marketing, R&D, and distribution, established in Sakaicho, Sakai City.

April 2007

Keichoukai "Mikuni Exercise Park Nursery School" (present: Mikuni Matsukaze Nursery School) and "Tuduki House" employment support office for individuals with disabilities both opened.

March 2008

Suzuki Auto Fukui(present: CARNATION) "Suzuki Arena Fukui North Interchange" (first location) opened in Shinbocho, Fukui City to sell Suzuki Arena cars.

April 2008

ELLEROSE "Renaiss Echizen" (first location) opened in Shincho, Echizen City as a sports club and integrated culture center.
September 2008 ELLEROSE "Renaiss Sabae" (second location) opened in Toba, Sabae City.

January 2011

ELLEROSE "Day Fitness Rakuraku" (first location) opened in Omiya, Fukui City, as a day fitness center promoting senior wellness and preventative care.

October 2011

ELLEROSE "Renaiss Tsuruga" opened in Tsuruga City as sports club and integrated spa.

April 2012

Keichoukai "Yume Tsuzuki House" or the "House of Continuing Dreams" opened in Fukui City as an employment support office for individuals with disabilities.

October 2012

ELLEROSE acquired stocks and started management of Shibamasa Co., Ltd. "Shibamasa World."

September 2013

ELLEROSE "Day Service Center Rakuraku" (main location) opened in Fuchimachi, Fukui City as a day care home for seniors.

April 2014

ELLEROSE Wellness Division receives "Fukui Forest of Health Sports Center" contract.

April 2014

Keichoukai "Sakai Matsukaze Nursery School" (second location) opened in Sakai City.

November 2015

ELLEROSE sports club "Renaiss Fukui South" opened in Geba, Fukui City.

June 2016

B-CRUISE boutique "Sante Labo Takayanagi" opened in Takayanagi, Fukui City.

December 2017

ELLEROSE sports club "Renaiss Fukui West" opened in Bunkyo, Fukui City.

April 2020

ELLEROSE "Day Service Center Rakuraku"  opened in Haruecyo, Sakai City as a day care home for seniors.

August 2020

Hana (Liquor World Hana) Cross Gate Kanazawa store  opened in Kanazawa City.  (currently 12 branches total).

January 2021

ELLEROSE "GranGate" founded in Maruokacho, Sakai City as a manufacturing and distribution base.

December 2021

Apple Logistics "Kasuminosato Center" An advanced logistics base that has converted operations into Imformation Technology established in Sakaicho, Sakai City.


Headquarters/R&D Center

Address: 4-200 Saburomaru, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture 910-0033 Japan

+81 776-27-3131(main)

FAX: +81 776-27-3130

Gran Gate

Address: 13-21-1 Maruokacho Minamiyokochi, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture 910-0375

+81 776-31-5032

Bara Center

Address: 22-16-3 Maruokacho Shimoyasuta, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture 910-0363

+81 776-67-5781

FAX: +81 776-67-5824