Our Passion for CSR

In partnership with the region, and in partnership with society.

"Since ELLEROSE was established, we've ventured into a variety of business activities from our base of Fukui Prefecture. We are proud to say that we've progressed together with the community and that our history has developed with that of the region. For every blessing we've received, we want to give back to the regional community. At ELLEROSE, expressing gratitude to the region is a core part of our business activities."

Our CSR Initiative

To continue raising the quality of our products and services

In order to present our customers with the best service and high quality, high performance products, we are engaged in "Intimate Adviser (IA)" and "Textiles Evaluation Specialist (TES)" certification acquisition programs.

Educational Visits

We welcome educational visits (factory visits) to provide educational support for the children of the region. We hope to contribute to the region's future by providing children an opportunity to experience business and society.

Surrounding Region Cleaning Projects

Every month, we clean the regions surrounding each base to maintain each town's beauty. Our cleaning project is conducted out of gratitude for our regional community.

Sports/Culture Venture Support

We support our local sports youth groups, student activities, and events to promote sports and culture and thus contribute to building a rich regional community.


PINK RIBBON CAMPAIGN Building a healthy society for the generation of tomorrow.

We've joined forces with the pink ribbon movement to increase informed breast cancer awareness and reduce the harm and suffering inflicted by the disease.

How to Apply for an Educational Visit

Visitation Location
Bara Center (22-16-3 Shimoyasuta Maruoka, Sakai City)
How to Apply
Please contact us by phone.

+81 776-27-3131