A message from our hiring manager

The more you challenge yourself, the more you grow.
The more you experience, the more you change.
This is a career where you can test yourself.

At ELLEROSE, we have grown our business to the level it is at today by holding onto "the humble attitude from our founding." In combination with "the drive to continue growing and producing products and services with value for customers over time," we carry on the spirit of our founding in our modern corporate culture.

We strive to constantly revolution things that must change, and to continuously create a new ELLEROSE. This is vital to our mission as we endeavor to become a 100-year old company. We at ELLEROSE are fearless in the face of change, and believe that our will to challenge the unknown and grow as individuals is the force that drives the future.

And thus, we are in need of talented individuals who are proactive "speakers" rather than "listeners" who only do as they are told.

You must have the ability to think from various perspectives, communication skills that move the listener, and the passion to take action. We want you to use your strengths to the fullest to grow with us.

"Ever-changing. To become a 100-year old company."
Under this corporate philosophy, in order to foster values that develop society and people, ELLEROSE seeks young minds that pave the way into the next generation with new ideas.