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With regards to the personal data of clients and business contacts received by the company that in any way relate to its operations or business activities (henceforth "information resources"), the company acknowledges the value of said information resources and the significance of protecting such information resources and abides by the rules below to improve customer satisfaction and trust, and to pursue sound development as a company.

1 Legitimate and fair means are used when collecting information resources.

2 The information resources will only be used within the scope of planning, production, sales, or other business purposes for the company's products.

3 Strict security measures are taken to protect, manage, prevent unauthorized access to, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of information resources.

4 If deemed necessary for the completion of business, information resources may be provided to companies (contracted manufacturers, distributors, receivers, or repair companies). However, appropriate management is exercised to prevent information resource leaks, re-provision to other parties, or other illegal behavior.

5 The company observes laws and ordinances applicable to information resources.

6 Employees receive thorough in-house training regarding the protection of information resources.